Eyonic Services News

Eyonic Services News

Cloud Backup Services Support macOS 10.12 Sierra and Windows 10

As new operating systems come out we are constantly striving to make sure customer data is secure at all times. A big part of this is ensuring our backup client operates seamlessly with these new operating systems. As a result, our backups have been tested and are compatible with Apple's new macOS 10.12 Sierra and Windows 10 operating systems.

46% of Energy Usage Supplied by Renewable Sources in 2016

Working to offset our carbon footprint we implemented a solar photovoltaic system late in 2012. This system provides much of the energy required to run all of our equipment used to supply cloud services. We are thrilled to share that 46% of our energy usage in 2016 was supplied by renewable sources. In 2015 48%, in 2014, 42%, and in 2013, 49% of our energy was supplied by renewable sources. For more information about our renewable energy efforts, visit Renewable Energy - Our Commitment.

New Auditing Feature Added

All cloud backup plans now have an auditing section to show when users log into the account, what files are accessed, when jobs are modified, and much more. Auditing is provided as a security feature for each account. To access this page, log into your account and click "Audit Report" in the left panel. Click to see an example audit report.

New Exclude Button Makes Creating Backup Jobs Easier than Ever

When choosing files for backup jobs, use the exclude button to exclude specific files and folders from your backups that do not need to be included. For instance, backing up a user folder ensures you backup your documents, videos, music and desktop files, but you may not need the downloads folder. Simply exclude the downloads folder so this storage is not wasted. For more information, visit our online backup page. or watch our Creating a Backup YouTube video.

Introducing Eyonic's Newest Telecommunications Partnership with Crexendo

Vacaville, California, July 17, 2015 – Eyonic Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce their joining of the Crexendo Partner Program. Through this strategic partnership, Eyonic Systems, Inc. will now add the Crexendo Cloud Communications Platform to their existing portfolio of products and services.

The Crexendo Cloud Communications Platform, backed by over 200 years of combined telecommunications product and technology experience, offers a sophisticated enterprise-level feature set to businesses at a fraction of the cost of traditional communications solutions. Click to read the remainder of the press release.