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How Eyonic is Making a Difference Using Renewable Energy

We understand data centers providing data resiliency and striving to minimize its carbon footprint are not mutually exclusive. Ensuring backup data availability, integrity, and reliability to our customers with online data backup services requires redundancy such as:

  • Internet connections, and networking including paths, switches and firewalls
  • Blade and storage servers, and power sources and power supplies
  • Backup sets of data including offsite locations

Clearly there are many more items that are a part of this list. The point of redundancy is to guarantee a customer's web based data is available only to them, and is available at all times. The cost of redundancy is the additional hardware required to provide it, in combination with the increased electricity used by the additional equipment to support Internet based backups.

To lower the environmental impact while still providing a stable remote file backup service, renewable energy became imperative. In September of 2012 a solar photovoltaic solution was implemented to offset energy utilization. The green section of the graph below shows the amount of energy used each month supplied by renewable energy.