Cloud Backup Pricing Plans

Eyonic Plan Benefits

  • Single plans - begin at just $25 per year for 25GB of storage.
  • Small business - workgroup plans - allow 5 devices to connect to a single account.
  • Small business plans - allow 20 devices to connect to a single account.
  • Enterprise plans - allow unlimited devices to backup data to a single account which provides centralized management for all company data.
  • Efficiency - all plans securely backup files, including large files, without bandwidth restrictions.
  • Flexibility - enterprise business plans backup in-use database files directly without interrupting access.
  • Scalability - adjust backup plan size or types as needed which guarantees you pay only for what you need as you need it.
  • Reduced pricing - is available for enterprise business user plans used at educational institutions, both public and private. Contact us for more information or to learn more about our educational discounts.