Single User Cloud Backups

Desktop Computer



  • Recover from Ransomware infections, file corruption, hardware failures, theft and more with our offsite cloud backups that include data retention.
  • Access files anytime from anywhere using a device connected to the Internet.


  • Jobs run automatically based on their schedule.
  • Run jobs as often as desired, job logs are emailed once a job finishes.


  • Backup files from computers, laptops and physically attached drives running Windows, Mac, and Debian based Linux operating systems.
  • Backup in-use and locked files using snapshots

Laptop Computer



  • Jobs will run from any location as long as the device is actively connected to the Internet.
  • Perfect for mobile workers, students, travelers, and more.


  • Files are transferred using 256-bit encryption to ensure file security.
  • Jobs are efficient, transferring only those files that have been modified as well as new files. This means even if the device is only connected to the Internet for a short period of time, the backup will likely finish.

Backup Multiple Devices

Other Information

  • Single device plans start at $25 per year. For more information about the service, visit our Desktop & Laptop Cloud Backups page.
  • If you have 2 - 5 devices, select the Small Business Workgroup plan when signing up. This plan allows multiple devices to connect to a single account, share their storage and provides centralized management.