Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability assessments are key in protecting your network

Vulnerability assessments help protect your network by providing valuable insights about application vulnerabiliites.

Know what vulnerabilities you have

Knowing what vulnerabilities exist on your network provides the information needed to fix issues before they are exploited.

Average cost of cyber attacks

The average cost to businesses per cyber attack is $1.68M according to Security Magazine.

Vulnerability Assessments are...

Scans of a business's outward or public facing IP addresses for the purpose of looking for open TCP and UDP ports. These ports can allow unauthorized access to internal applications and resources, also known as a breach to the network.

Assessments help by...

  • Locating known vulnerabilities for those applications listening to TCP and UDP ports
  • Reporting information about SSL certificates including vulnerable encryption protocols negotiated during initial connections
  • Documenting versions of applications to report required patches

They are recommended for...

Businesses who have Personally Identifiable Information, or PII, on their network. Regular scans, followed by addressing found vulnerabilities, can help a business verify it is in compliance with industry regulations such as PCI and HIPAA compliance.

The best way to protect your network...

Is by being aware! This includes being aware of those applications on your network with vulnerabilities. Regularly testing your network provides the status of known vulnerabilities. With this information the changes required to protect applications can be resolved before being exploited.

Things to consider...

 How much is your reputation worth?

According to the Security Magazine and Threat List, the average cost to businesses per cyber attack is $1.68 million.

What is the real value an assessment provides?

Placing a value on these assessments is difficult because the protection provided by the information an assessment gathers is hard to quantify. Some things you can ask are:

  • How much does down time cost?
  • How difficult would it be to overcome a data breach which will adversely affect your repuation?
  • What would the impact be if you had to notify all of your customers their information had been compromised?
These are all things an assessment can help prevent which begs the question, how can you afford NOT to test your network?.

 How long does a vulnerability assessment take?

Assessment lengths will vary based on site requirements and number of IP addresses being scanned. Rest assured, vulnerability assessments typically do not interrupt a business's normal operations.

How much do vulnerability assessments cost?

All assessments are based on the number of IP addresses actively being scanned. Contact us for a quote at 855-439-6642 ext 2, or email us at