Cloud Services

There are many reasons to consider using cloud services. Some examples of the benefits are:

Cloud Services Scalability


One of the greatest benefits of cloud services is the ability to increase subscriptions based on need at any time. Sign up for the amount of storage needed and increase storage only when it is needed. Traditional onsite implementations require the original purchase to meet the current as well as anticipated future needs. This means equipment is initially being wasted yet its value is depreciating. Cloud services allow on-demand increases that prevent costs and equipment waste.

Cloud backups effecienty use storage by copying only new and modified files after the original backup. Files can be restored to a set point in time if needed as a result of retention.

Easy Implementation

  • Cloud services allow new and growing businesses to expand their resources quickly and efficiently. Most importantly, they do so in a cost effective manner that prevents large capital outlay expenses at a time when fund management is critical.
  • Save time by expanding cloud storage, adding new devices, increasing file retention and more without wasting a bunch of time. Plan sizes and types can be changed within minutes as well as adding devices and other account management functions.

Cloud Service Automated Tasks

Automated Tasks

Cloud services utilize automated tasks set by the user to manage their time schedules and processes. For example, the cloud backup service backs up files automatically based on whatever schedule is chosen for the job assigned to that device. Once the backup job is finished, it automatically emails a job log notification to inform users of the job's status. In contrast to localized backups, which can be manual, cloud backups are automated which ensures they occur on a more regular basis thereby increasing file protection.

Cost Savings

  • Cloud services support growth without requiring:
    • Large upfront investments associated with purchasing additional equipment and licensing
    • Management of additional equipment and licensing
    • Additional support contracts
  • Switching to cloud services also saves time managing the hardware and software required for file storage and managing media to ensure file security.
  • Lastly, cloud services can provide a disaster recovery solution with cost savings, automation, availability, and scalability already built in.

Cloud Services File Versioning

File Versioning

  • Account retention preserves previous versions of files. Setting retention keeps copies of files automatically, even when they have been saved over on the local device.
  • One of the greatest benefits of file versioning is the ability to restore to a point-in-time snapshot of the data. This is extremely helpful in cases of Ransomware and other virus infections.
  • File versioning allows older versions of files to be restored in minutes. Recovering important data from an accidentally overwritten, corrupted or missaved file can be time consuming, or even impossible, without the proper systems in place.

Data Integrity

  • Our cloud service automatically provides audit logging for all plans regardless of size or type. This helps increase the security level by tracking all logins, file access, job changes and more.
  • Files are encrypted with the industry standard 256-bit encryption in transit to ensure they cannot be accessed even if part of the file were captured during transit. This is especially important when using a device on open or unsecured wireless networks.