Ransomware Protection

33 Hours Average Recovery Time

The average time it takes a victim to recover from a Ransomware attack is 33 hours.1

77% of Ransomware Attacks bypass Email Filtering

On average, 77% of Ransomware attacks bypass in-place email filters.2

There are Millions of Ransomware Attacks each Year

There were millions of Ransomware attacks in 2016, with the number increasing each year.3

Ransomware is...

A malicious attack whose sole purpose is to encrypt all files on an infected machine rendering these files inaccessible. After infection the victim is prompted to pay a "ransom" to acquire the key to decrypt their files.

It is extremely dangerous because...

A single infected machine can affect other computers or servers on the same network. Ransomware encrypts:

  • All files on the device infected AND
  • Drives attached to the infected device including external hard drives and flash drives AND
  • Mapped drives (including network servers and storage)

Ransomware affects...

Everyone from businesses to individuals.

The most efficient way to protect yourself is...

  • Preventing infections - implementing a robust anti-malware software is key to protecting your files
  • Implementing backups - preferrably offsite or in the cloud
  • Making sure these backups include a file history feature as this is what protects file integrity when an infection occurs!

Things to consider...

How much is 33 hours of your time worth?

Our cloud backup plans begin as low as $25 a year.

Is anti-malware sofware really worth it?

This software provides one more level of protection and while nothing can protect you from everything, we recommend Malwarebytes. Contact us for a quote!

Are you willing to lose everything on your computer?

Backing up your files to the cloud is quick and storage is efficient.

How long does it take to get started?

Minutes, simply fill out our one-page registration and start backing up files immediately!

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