Server Virtualization

There are many benefits to virtualizing servers including:

Virtualization Cost Effectiveness

Cost Effectiveness

Virtualization is more cost effective than implementing traditional physical servers for a variety of reasons including:


Virtualization is more efficient in using resources. This reduces upfront costs and allows your business to grow over time, as needed, rather than purchasing equipment upfront that can handle 5 years of company growth. Instead, with virtualization, a company purchases what it needs and then expands later to match growth. Storage, processing and network capacity can be added without interupting the existing operations. The benefit to scalability is that it reduces the initial and long term equipment costs required to run your business.

Cloud Service Automated Tasks

Efficient Maintenance

One of the things that makes virtualization so incredibly powerful is its resiliency. Redundancy is a large part of the virtualization platform. As a result, maintenance of the network and all its components are much more efficient. This includes:

  • The ability to move servers between hardware without taking the server down
  • Faster-booting servers when operating system or application updates require reboots
  • The ability to clone servers for testing purposes including operating system and application updates
  • Faster recovery times in cases of disaster or hardware failure
  • The ability to roll back servers to a working snapshot when even the best planning fails or in the case of a malware or Ransomware attack